Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It was a wet and rainy hari raya korban. the rain started from midnight and lasted till 5 pm the same day. Since i rained i didn't go "raya" to a lot of houses. So my aunties ( my mom's sisters ) all gathred at my cousins place in Rawang. It was a plesent surprize that my other cousins from Australia liyana and danial came back for raya. it has been a long time since i meet up with them. i think the last time she was in Malaysia she did the i/c .....time pass so fast...now she is 16 and going to collage soon...(now i feel old...i stop counting my age when i turn 25...so now every birthday i celebrate anniversery of my 25th birthday. ) As usual no holiday is complete without food fiesta. so at my cousins place we had nasi minyak, sambal sotong, daging kicap, daging rendang, acar limau and lontong. (her menu is similar to what we cook at home but we had nasi serai) it was so cold later that night, in the morning i dream that i was sleeping in an air conditioned room. I will post the pictures later as the bolg keep doing funny stuff to my post

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