Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Master thesis update

well i went to see Dr Zaitun today to register for the new semester. She wanted an update of all the stuff i have complied so far....i just have to be consisted to do at least some typing for the next few days. wish me luck

my life so far...

group picture

Well i know i have been away for a while....so let me up date about the stuff that had happen so far....

Well last Friday was a quite day at work...so i went out to see the clients after lunch. On Saturday was fun coz i went to Miu birthday/ x-mas/open house...i thought i was late coz the invites said it starts at 6 pm, i arrived fashionably late at 8 pm ....so the food was nice, we had potato salad, maggie mee salad, barbecued shrimp, lamb ( my fav), chicken, hot dog and Hagen Daz ice cream cake. Miu said when they tried to start the BBQ, the grill exploded and some rocks were flying and luckily no one was hurt. i met some of the most bubbly, talkative persons on earth.
i met Miu bff/florist/home decor shop friend - Jasmine...she so nice...she is a part time florist, so she showed me some of the pictures of a wedding that the did the day before.... so nice the theme was winter Christmas with blue and white colors and she brought some deco stuff for the party also. i am thinking of getting her to do my wedding stuff, then i met with Miu ex collage friends Zuhari and onie ( i think ), and Onie was passionate about ancient weapons and did some consultations for the National Museum, so when he knows that was studied anthropology we hid it off...i tell you this guy can talk your ear off...then i met a fellow uia student.....Schazwany....i followed her blog one in a while so it was nice to meet her in person. i also met Vivian...another fellow blogger.

So for Miu present .......i actually don't know what to get her....i know she love all cosmetics and is a kaki shopping like me...so i search all over Subang Parade...then i remembered she liked vivians cupcake....so i got her a cup cake set ....complete with recipe book and utensils. so i hope she have fun with the set .

ps...i got the nokia 5800 handphone and im loving it

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AL-FATIHAH......to the family of Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shukri Yusof

yesterday when i got back, my mom said that one of Ayah's colleague from UIA had pass away, it was unfortunate that a book shelf fell and crush him . he was a lone at the library and was discovered by one of his students. the autopsy reveled that he died due to severe loss of blood as broken glass had pierce one of his artery. Sembahyang Jenazah was held at usj 9 mosque and was attended by family,university staff, students and friends. So let have a moment and sedekah Al- Fatihah to him, Semoga Allah meletakan dia dengan orang beriman.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas to all friends....

since christmas is around the corner, i would like to wish all my friends MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Times like this make me miss one thing....snow...when i returned from the states last time they ask me what i miss the most....at that moment i could not think of any thing plus i was still small but now every time i read the news paper and it says that there is a blizzard i wish i was there. Now i read that its snowing like crazy in USA....i want to be there......HEADLINE FROM YAHOO NEWS: SNOW STORMS BACK WITH A VENGENCE.....previously we stay in Philly ( philadelphia) it doesn't snow very much but when there is a storm .....it blanketed the whole area.....so my wish is to let it snow...let it snow ....let it snow......

Monday, December 22, 2008

happy belated birthday....lisa and kiren

Hazel nut cheese cake....yummy.....

today we celebrated kiren and lisa's birthday,well we all thought that we were going to sarpinos for lunch and guess what... reen forgot and since its her last day before she start her Christmas leave she was super duper busy... so never mind....after the office meeting we decide to get a cake...so kiren went downstairs to secret recipe to get a cake....all the cake that he wanted sold out...kesian....so he settled for cake of the month....hazel nut cheese cake. ...nice cake...something different from the usual chocolate cake.....

lisa ( 20/12), kiren(17/12) and reen( 10/11)
D'interieur December babies

this morning i open my e-mail and received an invitation from miu.... to attend her birthday/bbq/ Christmas party....so i have confirmed that i will be attending and she is inviting other shopaholic also....hhhuuuummmmm i think i going to bring something but need to think of what.....oh yes...must also remember to bring camera......

new handphone.....for me?????

nokia 5800

OMG....!!!!! i saw an add for this phone yesterday,..... i love it its so cool....i want..... i want......its the new nokia 5800 music express touch screen phone. It looks like an i Phone but has a better camera and features. the camera is 3.2 - which is ok by my standards. this is because to take site pictures with 2 mp is a bit of a problem, picture is not so clear. so my minimum would be 3.2. So i contemplating between sony ericsson c902 which is 5 mp and this one.i m not much of a nokia fan as i much perfer sony but this is sooooo eye catching..........hhhhmmmmm i wonder which one should i get. .....i would love to hear your opinion....oh yes the other one look like the picture below. i need to get is coz there are too many things in my bag....so less is better.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


on thursday i went to Starbucks to buy the 10 th anniversary tumbler....its huge....love it so much..i straight away used it....lucky there were no long lines at my office Starbucks....i might get another one to keep in my office

the day the earth stood still

last wednesday i watch this movie. to me its a so and so...the pace was very slow., but as always my eyes was glued to keanu more then watching the movie. the part that irk me the most was how they react to the alien (played by keanu.) of all the things they can do during first contact was shoot the poor peace loving alien that ment them no harm. that is USA answer to everything.....guns...if you have not watch this...just wait for it to air on HBO

Sunday, December 14, 2008

D'interieur Annual Dinner 2008

well its that time of the year again, where we have fun one day a year....yes it our annual dinner, luckily this year was not so rush and no horror/ funny stories happen ( i ll share those stories next time). so this year the plan was to exchange gifts, lucky draw, bowling and dinner....sound simple rite...hahahahah.....ok so the day started like any other day...

so all gathered at the office lisa and kiren arrived in the nick of time before we start. so reen open up a bottle of sparkling apple juice and gave a toast to a good year and hope that the next year is a good year also, then before handing out the gifts reen announced that kiren had won rm 200 for being the first at the office. So then we exchanged gifts,( scroll down to see all the gifts i got) or you see my photo album. so thanks to our generous suppliers for contributing to the lucky draw we managed to do 3 rounds of draws. for the first round i won a study chair, then the second round i won a rm 100 voucher from Jim Thompson and finally the last round i won an i pod shuffle and a cake mixer.

then it was off to mid valley for 2 games of bowling. It was ernest first time bowling,,so he was a virgin bowler... the place looked more like a disco the a bowling alley but lisa said it was good...coz when the ball goes in the gutter no one can see......so there were hidden talent among the staff and may be we will form a team. luckily this year we didn't go karaoke again coz we all are bad singers (except kiren) and i don't want to hear fiq sing dangdut.....

after bowling we rush to Le Meridian for dinner coz every one was hungry already. the buffet was huge and delicious....i made several rounds....most of it to the tempayaki section....sedap....the desert was better, they had 3 chocolate fountain ......and ice cream tempayaki also......the candy bar was a dream.....they had all kinds of chocolates and even a section on nuts ......all kinds....so after that we lepak a bit .....waiting to down load.....*hehehehe*.......it was fun and i had a blast. thanks to all who made it great.....and thanks for all the gifts

cheers to d'interieur....hope the next year is good

before the gifts were massacred

kiren's gift fron tracy

me bowling ......

all waiting at the lobby....the furniture all used Jim Thompson fabrics.....

calm before the storm......at the coffee house


lucky draw prizes - microwave oven, gift voucher, cake mixer and i pod shuffle

from tracy - broach

from reen - jewellery box

from ernest - jewellery box

from kiren - dining set

from uncle - toaster

from john - photo album

from lisa- clutch

from fiqah - an old navy dress

Friday, December 12, 2008

*tubbies is that you !!!! exercising OMG.....i can't believe my EYES......*

yea..... ITS FRIDAY ....i m sooooo happy that its friday......so this morning i spent the whole day at verve measuring curtians with ah hoi....climbed up and down 14 floors....penat giler but till now not lose weight. up and down....up and down the stairs opening doors for my contractors .
so i was there from 9.15-12.00. Productive day...i would say but tomorrow have to work :(...so its not such a happy saturday after all....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

starbucks 10 years of coffee connections

on ground floor of my office, we have a starbucks and since i m very busy i managed to dash to buy a frappachinno for a quick pick me up. they were having a promotion - 2009 leather planner and it was love at first sight, i just had to have it ( impulsive buy) so i paid for a grande frapp and and extra rm 18 for the planner but it was worth is as my other note book is almost finish. the good news - rm 1 is donated to charity and you can enter an LG contest to win a flat screen tv. I can't wait till next week , starting from 17.12.2008 when you purchase a grande you can a special edition tumbler for rm 10. which to me is a good deal as their tumblers are usually rm 30 and above. so check it out at your nearest starbucks. The funny part is i show it to my boss and she bought it soon after. hehehe.....


A year a go, my cousin's husband ( so he not actually related to me and never speak to me) ask me to help n a tv show that he was producing. It turn out that he was producing a kids show- (decorating kids room something like casa impian but for kids). They had fired the last producer coz he was gilar kuasa , appointed him self as an id counsultant and wanted to do everything and the outcome didn't turn out right. Knowing my background he quickly ask me if i can help, he ask me to redo 4 rooms with each different themes. i was hesitant at first then when i saw the previous episodes i feel like hiding my head in the ground.

After thinking and working out the budget for each room i said ok. Then start the most tiring week of my life. Now i know why actors demand high pay.....its because of all the waiting...want to setup the lighting, props...so tired of waiting and i m not a patient person . At this time i was still doing my day job coz most of the filming was done at night. My first day ended at 3 am...so we shoot 4 episode in 4 days!!!! ( coz the host was flying out to australia to shoot a drama) penat that is all i can say and the reason why i would not do this again . The last day ended at 5 AM.... then by raya haji i didnt go out and totally ignored my relatives coz I was catching up on my sleep.

now the TV program is on tv2 every Wednesday , started last Wednesday- 10/12/2008. so check it out !!!!!

so this is probably my first and last show. i dont want to do anymore, penat. So below are some of the pictures that i remembered to take.....

bed setting

bed from a different angle

study area

study table

please bare in mind that i have a very limited budget that need to stretch for 4 episode. i took a minimalist approach not too much stuff but over all i think its ok due to the limited budget that i had, boss liked it so ok lah.Actually i don't want people to know when its airing but they found out anyway so tak pa lah. i hope they enjoyed the show.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

happy ........th birthday ( feel free to fill in the blanks)

well today was my boss Reen ......th birthday( feel free to fill in the blanks). she didn't want cake so we took her out to eat at KFC. i Know that its Cheep but she requested a low key birthday lunch. actually i m glad that they went to kfc, i had a craving for it for the past few days. so below are the pics for our informal birthday lunch.

lisa and tracy
uncle and john
reen, fiqah and kiren

this was my lunch...BAK KATA TRACY----KAK NURUL ..SEDAPP !!!

all thinking and posing at the same time

me, reen then all a sudden lisa came out....

kiren and john

me and kiren

ok an update on our annual dinner. just look at the gifts....

scroll down......


further down.....

jap lagi....

nice rite !!!

i just need to remind myself to bring camera, times like this i wish i still had my camera phone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Master thesis update

i have made little / some progress on my thesis and soon i will have to see my supervisor to give my progress report. the problem is i cant stay focus on the topic....one day i'll be so "semangat" then i lose focus and interest and want to do other topic. i have not seen her much this sem as i was busy... i probably need to call her soon ......i need to find out also the new registration date. ....


It was a wet and rainy hari raya korban. the rain started from midnight and lasted till 5 pm the same day. Since i rained i didn't go "raya" to a lot of houses. So my aunties ( my mom's sisters ) all gathred at my cousins place in Rawang. It was a plesent surprize that my other cousins from Australia liyana and danial came back for raya. it has been a long time since i meet up with them. i think the last time she was in Malaysia she did the i/c .....time pass so fast...now she is 16 and going to collage soon...(now i feel old...i stop counting my age when i turn 25...so now every birthday i celebrate anniversery of my 25th birthday. ) As usual no holiday is complete without food fiesta. so at my cousins place we had nasi minyak, sambal sotong, daging kicap, daging rendang, acar limau and lontong. (her menu is similar to what we cook at home but we had nasi serai) it was so cold later that night, in the morning i dream that i was sleeping in an air conditioned room. I will post the pictures later as the bolg keep doing funny stuff to my post

Sunday, December 7, 2008


although i don't practice what i learned in my bachelor degree, (coz now i do interior furnishing)
i always monitor social problems via media and my own observation. i wish i was a curator or an activist or a lecturer so i can teach students about the society they live in .

today i watched a startling documentary by my favorite journalist Christian Amanpour about genocide, its appalling that politics and economics gets in the way of action. they scream bloody murder and they were ignored, shunned and said it was someone else problem. the holocaust, Cambodia, Iraq, Rwanda and lastly Darfur are examples of genocide. before 1944, no one had even a term for this crime.It is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group. major superpower don't want to even admit it as an act of genocide as the Geneva convention compels them to act.

i am still traumatize by the images but my trauma is nothing compared to those who suffer from this hennas crime. how can we let this act keep repeating in history. Man never learn until its too late. the sad part is the killing of innocent civilians, man, woman and children. Lets raise awareness of this crime so that the UN security council will act.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A1 gp.....my second trip to sepang

Me showing my colors....

on the 23 nov i went to Sepang racing circut to watch A1 race coz i got free tickets, it was nice but ...IT WAS SOOOOOO HOT...i felt like i m in the sahara.....every thing was very far and the food $$$$oooo over priced...i thought i came prepared( i packed water, ear plugs, towel, biscuts) but when the race didn't start yet all my food and drinks finish. i had fun, had my face painted with the colors of the Malaysian flags.....ye lah when else you want to show your patriotism. The main race starts at 3 pm but before that they had an exhibition race. the cars look like the ones in Datona race...( dont ask me the type coz i don't know).....and the video game....then there were the police dancing marching band ....amazingly they play the latest pop tunes....

when they were perparing for the main race the one that stole the show was not the A1 racing Babes but a camera man on a segway.....i have only seen and heard of it in tv and internet but too see it live WAS SOOO AMAZING !!!!.....and it might be the last time i see it too...live...
i was sad the fairuz didn't win ....coz at one time he was no 3 then he made so many mistakes, i think he finished in 15 place...i was sooo.. sad coz every time he pass the main stage every one would stand and root for him. The exhibition race....they look like cars that
race in Daytona

Teams preparing

Team Malaysia

dancing marching band

Starting line up...

cameraman on segway