Thursday, June 18, 2009


sorry.. guys for missing in action for so long... a lot of things happen, i changed my status from single to married, yes i got married in may, will post up the pictures soon...i trying to get my working grove back, more later ....

Monday, February 23, 2009


i m a sucker for warehouse sale and some time i indulge myself too much and its buring a hole in my budget . so below are some of my babies that i m letting go and i hope i can find good owners for them. don't worry all the items are 100% original and new . if you see anything that you like to adopt/ buy , please e-mail me at for further info.
Payment Method: Bank in after confirm order. once the payment confirmed , I will proceed to post within 3 days of confirmed payment and will give tracking number No refunds/exchange. Buy it as it is. Pos Laju WM RM10 EM RM15. I am not responsible for an loss/damage during delivery. Good(s) sold is/are not exchangeable or refundable.

Christine Dior limited edition flight set

(rm 200)
(internal view)


(back view)
kenzo..amour eau de parfume 50 ml
(rm 90)
sold to hajar

Marc Jacobs.... blush
consist of 50 ml perfume and 200 ml lotion
Rm 130


stila red carpet look
eye pallet - internal view
(rm 80)

stila red carpet look
eye pallet- external view

stila pom pom gebera

( rm 80)


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


this morning me and miu went to the Metrojaya warehouse sale, we arrived at 9.30 and waited in line, we were among the early birds. however they started the sale at 10.25 instead of 10 am. i kinda worried i m going to be late coz i only took half day and i had other matters to attend to before i go back to the office at 2 pm. I meet another fellow blogger Ayna there...cheerful kindergarten all there of us made several rounds and grab interesting offers. On an average the bottles starts around rm 50 for the branded ones. ( sorry i didn't pay attention to the lesser known brands ,so i m not too sure about the prices ). most of the stocks are manufactured in 2007/2008 below are some of the items i purchased. (note: not all items for me, i help others purchase also)

this body cream has a very nice packaging, deep luxurious purple with glitters

this is blush by Marc Jacobs- it has a 50 ml perfume and lotion . it has a cute box also, looks like a handbag, i also purchased their body wash...OMG it was soo cheap rm 10 for 200ml!!!!

this is also cute, jpg miniatures male and female.

incanto - heaven

kenzo- amour- most recent stock- aug 2008

burberry- the beat- edp rm 110 the latest scent

kennth cole - signature( tq miu for pics )

me after the sale

i managed to grab the last 2 j.lo body wash and that was so cheap also- rm 10 but i gave i away to miu and ayna. Over all it was ok, not too crowded, payment system good, security very strict as we were not allowed to sort out before paying.
since i still have some stuff from the last warehouse sale, i letting go some to crate more space for the new stuff. keep checking my blog for the items , i might be letting go my Dior flight set and Stilla make up pallet.

Le Tour De Langkawi- KL Leg

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the KL leg of the Le Tour De Langkawi, where cyclist from all over the world race all over Malaysia. I m sure many of you were caught in a bad jam on Friday was i. i reached my office at 10 am and i was pissed coz i left very early that morning....8 am...ok lah i made A FEW PIT station to buy breakfast and fill up my tank and catch a gimps of the news headlines.....( i admit i m a news junkie- on my fave shortcut, i have every major and alternative online news, so i can read both side of the story)

last Sunday i went to jalan tar to purchase fabric for my dad and brothers, so we manged to catch the kl leg of the Le Tour de langkawi. the bikes were passing us so fast and every time the sirens rang we raced out of the shops tp see the cyclists. which was funny coz we were not the only ones. while waiting for the race to start we had snacks at A&W. we walked all the way, up and down jalan TAR. very tired

i was sooooo close to almost hitting this cyclist....

the yellow one is from Malaysia

the sponsors of the race

it was actually calming to see the road so empty...maybe they should closed the street on weekends and open up stalls in the middle of the road.

Friday, February 6, 2009


D'interieur saying hello to the new year...

Being Malaysian we are always big on holidays, regardless whether the celebration is meant for us or not. i would call it muhibah. well today we had ( hopefully going to be ) our annual holiday pot luck celebration. so last week i assigned everyone to the dishes that they were supposed to bring....
so the list was....

1. Reen- Yee sang...
2. John- ice cream...
3. me- potato salad...
4. lisa- fried chicken and hot dogs...
5. fikah- mee hun
6. kiren- kistang curry @ devil curry
7. tracy- tid bits and eggs...
8. uncle- muruku and bottled water...

so from the pics below there was quite a lot of food....i kinda went overboard with my potato salad.....i made the salad from a mixture of baby potato ( which is only available in cold storage), grilled eggplant and mushrooms....for flavor i seasoned with salt, pepper, low fat mayo, thyme and was OK by my standard...may be need to experiment more with the recipe. i love the muruku that uncle brought... it was crunchy and fluffy... kiren's mom made devil curry...but it was not so spicy...i like the last time spicy...we toss the yee sang and hoped that it will be a good year for all of us....

all the food...even got to eat mawi ice cream...ha ha ha

luckily this time everything was in right portion as there was not much that i can take back...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

stupid food take away policy....

i have been and still is a fan of ikea, ever since i went to my first ikea in philly, i love the smell of pine wood as i walk in the store. i know that they are not conventional retailer and all their stuff is diy...and i just love their little nick some time when i bored i just like to wonder around their show room and imagine it was my home...

an incident happen to me last Monday which tick me on monday after i picked up my sister from work, my mom asked me to buy meatballs for her and ayah, so as a dutiful and obedient daughter i went...any way i was hungry me and sis waited in line pick up daim and etc...and proceed to the main dish section, so i decided to eat lemon and herb chicken and sis decided to eat salmon, later i asked them to pack for me 15 meatballs.....then the attendant said this..." kak hari ni tak boleh bungkus sebab public holiday....( sorry no take away because today is a public holiday) then i argued with i a public holiday for kl, putrajaya and labuan.....your shop is in selangor, different state......then he still insisted that the cant pack our take away...then i called my mom in front of him, i said... ma .. org kat sini tak bagi pack....kedekeut bungkus...then the boy said kak don't say like that....( tahu pulak malu)

so he suggested i buy a plastic container from the market place and bring BACK to the cafeteria and i did just that . the only reason i followed his advice because my mom wanted her meatballs ....if not i would not bothered......

this evening i sent a complaint letter to their coustomer we wait and see what they say....


Saturday, January 31, 2009


when i was little, there was a book tittle 'Where's waldo' you are supposed to find him on the page....its not easy .. actually you will spend hours searching for him as the pictures are very you might be asking where is tubbies?????
i know i have not been updating the blog for the past two weeks as i have been taking a good needed rest to recuperate from the flu...So during Chinese new year i just stayed home....and watch TV plus experimenting with the new microwave oven that my mom recently purchased. Hope its not too late to wish all my friends 'Gong Xi Fa Chai'...may the year of the ox be prosperous for all of us......i also have a big announcement to make soon..... i have been busy with a personal project of my own














will give out more info in my next post