Saturday, January 31, 2009


when i was little, there was a book tittle 'Where's waldo' you are supposed to find him on the page....its not easy .. actually you will spend hours searching for him as the pictures are very you might be asking where is tubbies?????
i know i have not been updating the blog for the past two weeks as i have been taking a good needed rest to recuperate from the flu...So during Chinese new year i just stayed home....and watch TV plus experimenting with the new microwave oven that my mom recently purchased. Hope its not too late to wish all my friends 'Gong Xi Fa Chai'...may the year of the ox be prosperous for all of us......i also have a big announcement to make soon..... i have been busy with a personal project of my own














will give out more info in my next post

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last Wednesday i received an invitation to attend Clarins make up workshop by Mr Frederic Reymond from Miu and Dee. So me and the girls confirmed our seats. So all of us gathered at Zang toi cafe in Pavilions at 10 am on Saturday, Jasmine, Dee and Miu arrived early and managed to do some window shopping while waiting for them to set up. When i went up to the cafe Vivian was there already. Shazwany came a little bit later. While waiting for then to start, we had light refreshment .... tiny portions of finger food.... but delicious never the less. I LOVE the mini pizzas and mini chocolate banana cake. i sat in the first row, unfortunately the speaker didn't work so we had to strained our ears to hear Mr Frederic,stuff i learned from this workshop

1. invest in good brushes
2. always use spatula when ever taking out creams from jars/tubs
3.your face is like a sponge.... dab when you apply creams/ foundation don't harshly slap on the stuff.
4. when applying eye make up always start from outer lid and move towards inner lids
5. to make lipstick long lasting, apply once and then blot than apply again
6. i finally learn how to do smoky eyes effect

after his talk, there was a QnA session and he help me identify my foundation no . later we walked down 1 floor and collected our goodie bag at the Clarins counter. i had a fun time , good food, great company, cute guy!!!!! and goodies.....what else then a perfect saturday.

Jasmine, Miu and vivian enjoying light refreshments

Angah, Miu, Lisa and fiqah ....posing while waiting to start

lisa and fiqah

Mr Frederic Reymond

Make up demo

me and angah

lisa and fiqah

Miu and Mr Frederic

Me and Mr Frederic

lisa and Mr Frederic

fiqah and Mr Frederic

angah and Mr Frederic

me and jasmine

me and Mr Frederic

Group picture
Dee, Shazwany, Jasmine, Miu, Fiqah,Lisa, Frederic,Angah, Viviand and shazwani friend

goodie bag



ONCE IN A BLUE MOON....i m lucky enough to catch these road rovers which was coincidental as the spot they pick was the same spot i promised to meet up with haze to pick up my new tudung . so since i was early i raced to them and make like thick face to ask for my goodies. i got a bag with the towel, mag and a pouch from tm....than i answered their easy questions and scored some more cool goodies. the one i love the most is the small folder from Tourism Malaysia....i looks so funky. i thought it was for passport but it dont fit. anyone know whats it is actually for????

front view

back view

my goodies

my friend...haze and baby deenah


jes and Micah

I know that it has been a while since i last blogged, it just that i have been rushing all the project to hand over before Chinese New Year. it not usual for me to get these crowds but in these economic times i try not to turn down the jobs but as always coordination is hard, but all is not lost last week i had a wonderful visitor Ms Jeslina and Baby Micah.... aiyo..he soooo cute. Just makes me want to pinch his cheeks. if you are wondering who she is.... yes she is the actress/singer/stylist Jeslina Hashim. last time i saw Micah he was 2 months walking already....

mommy.... hungry...

later that evening i went to a site kenduri at one of the service apartment that i m in the process of doing. It was not what i imagine, it was all for the mannual labours so i saw them giving out prizes for best supervisors, best worker, cleanest site and etc. i heard them sings songs in hindi...and some jiwang in bahasa indonesia. it was OK i draged kiren, fiqah and john along. the buffet spread was hugh, had like 7 different lauks and cendol.

yes... i get out the office early....

me n kiren

site supervisors

prize giving ceremony

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday i meet up with tammy aka miu-plus size kitten for dinner, we wanted to try desert bar as it was having a 50% off sale on all food items. Unfortunately it was closed, until yesterday i never knew that there were 2 desert bar and coffee bean in Mont kiara, i got confused between shoplex and soho coz both got desert bar and coffee bean . Since i didn't eat lunch i was very hungry, so i suggested to Tammy we try ole-ole Bali.

the front door

my dinner , nasi champur

it has a nice atmosphere, with all Balinese decor, very relaxing . Food came very fast which was good as i was very hungry. so i had nasi champur, i cant remember the exact name but the portions are huge. Actually i think 2 persons can eat it, it has 2 vegged dishes, squids,fish, keropok, chicken, 2 different type of sambal and satay Bali. Tammy had marinated chicken wings and fried potato. The hazelnut milk is heavenly, nice and creamy and the milk shake was not bad

tammy dinner- marinated chicken wings

hazelnut milk - i wonder how to make this drink....

milk shake

i would definitely recommend this place for office birthday lunch, hope to eat there again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i hope its not too late to wish all you guys a happy new year, my wish for this new year is less stress, less ngada-ngada clients and i pray that every day Allah help me to smother my work/project coordination . Well as for new year resolution... i will only make one....i hope i can manage my weight. So i made a pack with Lisa and kiren to exercise every monday, tuesday and thursday using the facilities at Kiren's apartment . ( wednesday can't coz its movie night and fridays he goes back to cheras)
so yesterday, i started with 1/2 hour on treadmill to warm up and then we swam for another 1/2 hour.... since i hardly exercise... so i thought it would be easier when i start slow. so today i tried the sauna near the pool. it takes a long time to warm up, so next time i will switch on the sauna first then go do the treadmill. i have yet to weigh my self but i know i m very heavy at the moment. the sad part is my short thights cant for me any that make me more determined to lose weight. with kiren and lisa help and motivation i hope i would not stray and lose focus. well if this doesnt work ... there is always BTS. what that??? i ll save that story for another posting.....

oh yea .. ki if you are reading this.... many thanks in advance....