Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ONCE IN A BLUE MOON....i m lucky enough to catch these road rovers which was coincidental as the spot they pick was the same spot i promised to meet up with haze to pick up my new tudung . so since i was early i raced to them and make like thick face to ask for my goodies. i got a bag with the towel, mag and a pouch from tm....than i answered their easy questions and scored some more cool goodies. the one i love the most is the small folder from Tourism Malaysia....i looks so funky. i thought it was for passport but it dont fit. anyone know whats it is actually for????

front view

back view

my goodies

my friend...haze and baby deenah

2 shout outs....:

HaZe said...

Hehe.. just read ur blog today.. cute folder! Can't really tell the measurements from the pix, but perhaps its a cheque holder? Just a guess ;)

Huhu my baby gurl looked abit cross... She's just a bit cranky coz its late i guess.. Deena's an early sleeper/riser.. huhu.. Maybe next time we can meet up during the day and u can catch her in one of her better moods.. okie?

tubbies said...

ya...i dont think its a check book holder....the size x right....maybe we catch her in a better mood next time