Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday i meet up with tammy aka miu-plus size kitten for dinner, we wanted to try desert bar as it was having a 50% off sale on all food items. Unfortunately it was closed, until yesterday i never knew that there were 2 desert bar and coffee bean in Mont kiara, i got confused between shoplex and soho coz both got desert bar and coffee bean . Since i didn't eat lunch i was very hungry, so i suggested to Tammy we try ole-ole Bali.

the front door

my dinner , nasi champur

it has a nice atmosphere, with all Balinese decor, very relaxing . Food came very fast which was good as i was very hungry. so i had nasi champur, i cant remember the exact name but the portions are huge. Actually i think 2 persons can eat it, it has 2 vegged dishes, squids,fish, keropok, chicken, 2 different type of sambal and satay Bali. Tammy had marinated chicken wings and fried potato. The hazelnut milk is heavenly, nice and creamy and the milk shake was not bad

tammy dinner- marinated chicken wings

hazelnut milk - i wonder how to make this drink....

milk shake

i would definitely recommend this place for office birthday lunch, hope to eat there again.

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Anonymous said...

NURUL you terrible GIRL... missing out on all your GYM session for JALAN JALAN MAKAN ANGIN huh?!?! Bad girl!

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