Thursday, December 11, 2008


A year a go, my cousin's husband ( so he not actually related to me and never speak to me) ask me to help n a tv show that he was producing. It turn out that he was producing a kids show- (decorating kids room something like casa impian but for kids). They had fired the last producer coz he was gilar kuasa , appointed him self as an id counsultant and wanted to do everything and the outcome didn't turn out right. Knowing my background he quickly ask me if i can help, he ask me to redo 4 rooms with each different themes. i was hesitant at first then when i saw the previous episodes i feel like hiding my head in the ground.

After thinking and working out the budget for each room i said ok. Then start the most tiring week of my life. Now i know why actors demand high pay.....its because of all the waiting...want to setup the lighting, tired of waiting and i m not a patient person . At this time i was still doing my day job coz most of the filming was done at night. My first day ended at 3 we shoot 4 episode in 4 days!!!! ( coz the host was flying out to australia to shoot a drama) penat that is all i can say and the reason why i would not do this again . The last day ended at 5 AM.... then by raya haji i didnt go out and totally ignored my relatives coz I was catching up on my sleep.

now the TV program is on tv2 every Wednesday , started last Wednesday- 10/12/2008. so check it out !!!!!

so this is probably my first and last show. i dont want to do anymore, penat. So below are some of the pictures that i remembered to take.....

bed setting

bed from a different angle

study area

study table

please bare in mind that i have a very limited budget that need to stretch for 4 episode. i took a minimalist approach not too much stuff but over all i think its ok due to the limited budget that i had, boss liked it so ok lah.Actually i don't want people to know when its airing but they found out anyway so tak pa lah. i hope they enjoyed the show.

4 shout outs....:

Miu said...

omg so cute.... the room!!

tubby!!!!!! i also wan the room!!

chop 1 dulu.. when i have a baby yeah

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

Ahhh!!! I love it so much... even it's for kids but i can live in it!

Miu said...

tubby! 20k enough to do living room (tv cabinet) + dining room (some cabinet keep plates) + study room (need study table) backyard (need some storage thingy) ??

my condo 1/2 furnished n missing just a few things here n there :(

my bf want to just go ikea buy the study table worth 1k++, the efectiv cabinets for tv area & dining area. Probably add on some storage cabinet for backyard. Our budget 20k only. He said I.D won't want do this (design+the furnitures = 20k).

is there a free consultation but buy the furnishings with 20k budget for 1/2 furnished condo?

tubbies said...

tak pa nanti i see you apartment and we discuss the design.....