Wednesday, December 24, 2008 the family of Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shukri Yusof

yesterday when i got back, my mom said that one of Ayah's colleague from UIA had pass away, it was unfortunate that a book shelf fell and crush him . he was a lone at the library and was discovered by one of his students. the autopsy reveled that he died due to severe loss of blood as broken glass had pierce one of his artery. Sembahyang Jenazah was held at usj 9 mosque and was attended by family,university staff, students and friends. So let have a moment and sedekah Al- Fatihah to him, Semoga Allah meletakan dia dengan orang beriman.

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Miu said...

sorry to hear that tubbies..

so sad how he went away O_O

tubbies said...

tu and his wife just gave birth to a 3 month old baby...he will be missed