Sunday, December 14, 2008

D'interieur Annual Dinner 2008

well its that time of the year again, where we have fun one day a year....yes it our annual dinner, luckily this year was not so rush and no horror/ funny stories happen ( i ll share those stories next time). so this year the plan was to exchange gifts, lucky draw, bowling and dinner....sound simple rite...hahahahah.....ok so the day started like any other day...

so all gathered at the office lisa and kiren arrived in the nick of time before we start. so reen open up a bottle of sparkling apple juice and gave a toast to a good year and hope that the next year is a good year also, then before handing out the gifts reen announced that kiren had won rm 200 for being the first at the office. So then we exchanged gifts,( scroll down to see all the gifts i got) or you see my photo album. so thanks to our generous suppliers for contributing to the lucky draw we managed to do 3 rounds of draws. for the first round i won a study chair, then the second round i won a rm 100 voucher from Jim Thompson and finally the last round i won an i pod shuffle and a cake mixer.

then it was off to mid valley for 2 games of bowling. It was ernest first time bowling,,so he was a virgin bowler... the place looked more like a disco the a bowling alley but lisa said it was good...coz when the ball goes in the gutter no one can there were hidden talent among the staff and may be we will form a team. luckily this year we didn't go karaoke again coz we all are bad singers (except kiren) and i don't want to hear fiq sing dangdut.....

after bowling we rush to Le Meridian for dinner coz every one was hungry already. the buffet was huge and delicious....i made several rounds....most of it to the tempayaki section....sedap....the desert was better, they had 3 chocolate fountain ......and ice cream tempayaki also......the candy bar was a dream.....they had all kinds of chocolates and even a section on nuts ......all after that we lepak a bit .....waiting to down load.....*hehehehe* was fun and i had a blast. thanks to all who made it great.....and thanks for all the gifts

cheers to d'interieur....hope the next year is good

before the gifts were massacred

kiren's gift fron tracy

me bowling ......

all waiting at the lobby....the furniture all used Jim Thompson fabrics.....

calm before the the coffee house


lucky draw prizes - microwave oven, gift voucher, cake mixer and i pod shuffle

from tracy - broach

from reen - jewellery box

from ernest - jewellery box

from kiren - dining set

from uncle - toaster

from john - photo album

from lisa- clutch

from fiqah - an old navy dress

4 shout outs....:

Miu said...

save one spot for me too!!!!

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

Hi Tubbies,

Wow cool gifts...and alot. i'm so jealous.
Thanks for your advice and reading my sad sad blog ;p didn't know someone would interested in reading those stories...anyway I've registered last Sunday to continue my Degree and thanks again for the luck really appreciated it since the one person i hoping for doesn't T-T but klu dah jodoh tak kan kemana kan...
You're lucky coz ur bf waited for you for 10 years wow! I'm so happy for you that you are getting married... Congratulation!
Hei thanks for the advice again! Really appreciate it!

tubbies said...

just hang in of luck to you....

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