Friday, November 21, 2008

SHOPPERHOLICS UNITE....for Nine West????

well the past few days have been very productive for the mornings i m in verve...supervising and CHECKING the installation of the tracks and roller blinds....deciphering the bq which is like the Da vinci code to me.

So later after lunch today..i went to pavilions for the second time in my meet up with an old client/buddy of mine as he has shifted office again. WOW..Omg was the only thing that i can say...the shops were so nice...( i n my first visit i only manged to go as far as tiffiny&co to pick up my boss necklace)...i walk all the way to tangs from nice to cuci mata.... i saw i didnt get a chance to explore further as i was running late for my other appointments...* sorry haze..i didn't get a chance to even go to coach store..may be next time* i think i ll be coming a lot to pavilions to meet up with the i will take my time to walk ...will try the loaf next time....

so other i was meeting my other client in Avenue K...i drop by nine west...this i my best kept secret coz i only share this information with the selected few and since no one actually read my blog i feel safe to blab about this....the Nine west outlet in Avenue K is their factory out let...EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 60% OFF....ALL THE TIME....AND THE LOT NEXT TO IS IS THEIR WAREHOUSE!!!!!!! today i drop by to see if they have any new i ask the she said new stock is coming next week coz they are having a clearance sale...starting from the 27.11.08...i sooooo excited...i m going to drag my boss to go to this sale....coz today i saw mountains of shoe box...not only shoe...there are hand bags and wallets available....i cant wait to go...happy shopping.......

signing off from la la land...xoxoxox tubbies

*HINT HINT*...for those who did not get me a gift for me for annual dinner yet...this would be nice.... and i will love you for ever... thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing to my collection of handbags...and sugar nation is never enough...

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