Monday, November 17, 2008


this morning Lisa ask me to turn on my ym....coz boss is on mc and need me to do site measurement for her. so this morning was chaos....pure chaos...all running around ....i went to verve to check the tracks installation...went to Ricky's to measure his windows...also went to cheras to check out the show unit that i just handed over.

every day i thank Allah that we are busy coz my network of sf mktg...say every where its a bit in the other hand running 7 projects too busy...not enough hands...but i still can cope if it were not for my colleagues....kiran, lisa, fikah and tracy....oh not to forget also...john...( he help a lot for the moments when i m in kanchong mode...last Friday)

last week end i manged to do all my annual dinner gift shopping (thanks to boss for issuing comm early) this year we did something different....we pool our money together an got the bosses a nice gift...hope they like it. i got all what they wanted ....hope so...i cant wait for annual lucky draw, exchange gifts....nice dinner at hotel....

3 more weeks to annual dinner...hopefully this year i don't forget to take pictures...coz we always remember it when its too late....

last week end i was soooooo tempted to go to Dior warehouse sale....and blow my cash giving my self a pat on the back for being a good girl for staying AWAY...and saving money....tak pa too much cosmetics already....just planing to go for estee next year....

signing off from la la land

xoxox tubbies friend from sns is coming to pass my benefit brush....will post next time...

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